Outono com Buttigliones em flor

Hoje vou revelar o teor da entrevista de recrutamento do comissário Buttiglione, ou lá o raio como é que o gajo se chama, levada a cabo pelo nosso Duroni.

Duroni – Mr Botognoni, you have been highly recommended by mr Burlesconi, please sit down, be comfortable…

Butignone (‘dasse comequestamerdassescreve) – Tankiu, my hass is very sensitive…

Duroni – This conversation is only a proforma; proforma is almost latin, I appreciate very much the classics…

Botignoli – I’m very classic too; I’m even more classic than Xéxeneca, or Burlesconi, or Alberto John Garden, or Horacio, and sorry about my macaroni english

Duroni –No problem, my english is also a little bit tagliateli. Baidauei… I heard some noise of bottom around your person, but I suppose is only bad intentioned people like the portuguese left block

Bestignini – I know, I’m used to be misunderstood

Duroni –You are “used”!?...This is not a good signal…have you some… strange passive sexual behaviours …

Broxoni – No, no ... I’m a very sexual conservative guy; I only like to fuck girls.

Duroni – That means you don´t apalpate guys …I'm safe here ?...

Brutignone – Your hass seems to me not as firm and round and tense as I usually prefer

Duroni –Than, can I be sure that you will not hostilizate guys that apalpate the hasses from each others, neither the girls that use their imagination as a creative tongue and their tongues as invasive ivaginations

Bestignioni – Usually, I've to recognise, I even like those last ones, I call them fufas but there are some social cientists that call them lesbians; I suppose fufinis is more correct because is more sweet

Duroni –I didn’t know that you are also very sensitive as person, I see that is not only your hass.

Butinhini – To fuck girls we must be very very sensitive if not they become disinterested or upset or even rude with us. Some girls are almost so sensitive as panasquinis

Duroni – But in concrete what politics do you pretend to implementate concerning equality and freedom

Bostinini – My main idea of equality is to joint all lesbian and gays in the same jail and…

Duroni – So interesting, so revolutionary and also so reformist

Bostignioni – Then we will subventionate tv cameras in the prisons, and all the shame-less will be recorded …

Duroni – But what do you have in mind, oh creative creature!?

Brillantoni – As we are already fucked with the cheep textiles that come from the asia, where they explore the workforce as slaves, then we will start to export alternative pornography to them, exploring our innovative fuckforce in jail

Duroni – Sorry…. I’ve to stop, ‘cause unfortunately I’m medically forbidden to make interviews above 25 lines. And let’s eat some tortellini au pistache to desenferrujate our english

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